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Five reasons you should have a mix of retail growth stocks and software growth stocks

    The market has witnessed many events and it would be difficult to fetch higher returns amid such volatility. Brexit, softness in US economic dynamics, the dollar movement and most importantly the interest rate decisions by FED, have been moving the market sentiments across the world. It is therefore important that instead of waiting for convincing economic environment, one

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Five reasons you should buy growth stocks with yields

  Every investor should be wary of the appropriate stock-picking strategy that suits the premise of portfolio development as per one’s needs. Decision to pick companies that provide steady source of income or companies that have strong dividends entails a careful study of companies’ financial fundamentals, management assessments and outlooks, and how a portfolio can be created with given set

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Three key factors to look for Growth stocks

Given the current turbulent economic environment wherein stock prices get impacted every now and then, growth stocks have gained a lot of attention in terms of sticking around and getting benefitted in the long run. The three key aspects to look at include: Growth stocks could generate solid capital gains rewarding investors for the undertaken risk: Growth stocks can deliver

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Identifying top picks from an IPO bunch

  These days IPOs have not been seen generating outstanding returns as compared to a decade ago period where investors have seen outstanding profits from such stocks. After the tech bubble burst, the IPO market could no longer expect to generate double and triple digit profit as earlier. In fact, Global IPO Fund (MUTF: IPOSX) fell over 55.93% since its

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Do growth stocks offer a great position during market downturn?

    Growth stocks have historically delivered strong performance even during volatile conditions while investors need to have an appetite to take up occasional declines. Dow Jones U.S. Growth Index (INDEXDJX: DJUSGR) delivered 97.59% returns in the last decade (as of June 13, 2016) as compared to Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDEXDJX:.DJI) returns of 62.81%. One need to stay invested

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How good is the idea of investing in small-cap companies?

Small cap companies The term, ‘small-cap’ per se refers to stocks with a small market capitalization, generally between US$250 million and $2 billion. These companies have potential to become a mid-cap or large-cap over a period of time.  For instance, one of our top small-cap picks, Greencross Limited (ASX: GXL) delivered returns of 780.66% returns in the last five years (as of

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